Thursday, February 3, 2011

First finish of the year

My bigger pieces are growing slowly so I decided to do a smaller project so I can brush up on my happy dancing. And here it is, a small Lanarte kit that has a sister (with poppies) and took me only a few days to stitch start to finish.
I took a deep breath and started stitching the hair on my ballerina. If you recall, the kit has floss for brown hair but I wanted her to be blonde. Most of the colours I have chosen I'm satisfied with, except for the darkest shade. As it were, the darkest colour takes up most of the hair, and it is more brown than blonde. It would be okay if it would only be a shade here and there, but it's too much, it makes her look like the girl was the subject of an unsuccessful bleaching experiment that went horribly early 80's. So I will frog that colour and probably blend a lighter shade with the original floss to make it work. I will keep you updated.
I worked on Feasting Frenzy too, I will give you details when I'm done scanning.


Claudette497 said...

Congratulations on the finish - such a pretty design to work on in winter! I'm happy dancing with you...

Carolyn NC said...

Very pretty finish!