Saturday, February 12, 2011

A few of my favourite things

Now that I have lost all faith in the thingss I thought were the greatest, like love, friendship, kindness and optimism, I find absolutely profound and satisfying joys in the little things. For example, my steam iron. During my recent extended period of depression, I have forgotten just how much I love the act of ironing, taking the miserable looking, wrinkly clothes, and transforming them, as if by magic, into beautiful garments. And on my side, as always, my faithful Tefal ceramic plate iron.
Other beloved items? All my ink cartridge pens. They glide gracefully on paper and help me in creating stories by giving me the aesthetic joy that gives me strength to fight my dysgraphia.
My new cell phone. Not only is it lovely with a big screen to show my baby's photos, but also has a built in FM radio to entertain me.
My coffee mug. I love mugs. This one was a free item in a ground coffee gift-pack and it's sleek and smooth.
My baby blue knitted cardigan. It fits me perfectly and goes with everything. I've been wearing it for a decade, for special occasions or just hanging out at home.
My perfumes. I have only a few, but they make me happy. My nose is very sensitive, so you can imagine I pick my scents very carefully.
You can learn about my latest acquisition of a beloved item in tomorrow's post!

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Carolyn NC said...

I'm glad the little things can bring you such pleasure; they bring me joy, too - simple little things. But pls. don't give up on the biggies - sometimes they may seem gone, but they're not - they're revealed in the little things. Hugs.