Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Guest blogging

No, I am not writing for anyone else, nor have I invited anyone else to share thoughts here. The guest part is about my location. I am spending some time at my parents' again and to keep up with the daily blogging, I have to come over to my sister's place and use their computer.
I didn't talk a lot about my sister and this seems the perfect opportunity to catch up on her. Some of you long time readers may remember how sad I was when she fell for a guy that lived in New Zealand. Of course I was happy for  her but I  feared that she and her son may move to the other end of the globe. It has happened the other way around. Stephen, her crush, had the opportunity to come visit us. He was sent on a business trip to another East European country, and made a little modification to his route to finally see the woman he had been chatting online with for  months. The rest, as they say, is history. He never left. :) They got married a few months later. That was over three years ago and they are still as happy as newlyweds. I guess what they say about Hungarian women is true: there is no getting over us!
Back to blogging, unfortunately with a strange computer I have no image galleries or the software to download images. So you will get only text for a few days. I will make it up for you when I get home. Promise!

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