Saturday, October 30, 2010

Gif me something to laugh about

A friend sent me a link to a collection of funny gifs (little animated image files) and I decided to share my favourites with you. I don't know about you, but I can always use a big laugh and nowadays I need it more than ever.
I inserted a jump to this post because I don't wanna overload people's computers and such an animated image heavy post may be too much for those that don't have broadband.

First, the amazing ex-parrot:
funny animal gif - An Ex-Parrot
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Proof that there is someone watching out for toddlers:
Magic Hula Hoop Gif - Magic Hula Hoop
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Puss is just a cat after all:
More Entertaining than the Last Shrek Movie Gif - More Entertaining than the Last Shrek Movie
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Same theme, just as cute:
Feed The Fear Gif- Feed the Fear
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Animated awesomeness, please stay tuned for the gag reel during credits:
Jackie Chan Vs. Sauron Gif - Jackie Chan Vs. Sauron
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And a lesson about evolution for Halloween:
Evolution Lesson Gif - Evolution Lesson
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