Wednesday, October 28, 2009

An unfortunate blog entry

I saw this meme on another blogs and decided to give it a go. The basic idea is to write your first name in the Google search box preceded by the word "unfortunately" and then laugh at the results. Unfortunately, my nickname gives countless mentions of the late Jade Goody and a bunch of online games that have Jade in them - Jade Empire, jade warrior, and so on - or the gem jade, so I cannot post it all, I will just share the ones that are definitely about a person and also exclude most of Jade Goody's stories or 8 out of 10 lines would be about cancer. Ready? Here goes:

Unfortunately, Jade is all too real.

Unfortunately, Jade went on a vacation to Montana

Unfortunately Jade was enjoying playing pirate a little too much

Unfortunately, Jade's case is not unusual.

Unfortunately, Jade has to pass the last stone

Unfortunately, Jade could not hide his junk properly

Unfortunately, Jade did not beat the hell out of Danielle.

Unfortunately Jade cancelled her plan to attend the function.

Unfortunately, Jade is unable to survive the electromagnetic energy surges and dies.

Unfortunately, Jade’s zeal to keep the kittens fed was unfortunately too much for one of the kittens, who was crushed by the 80-pound dog.

Unfortunately, Jade got me and Guy, too.

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Annie said...

Better cool it on the pirate impersonations!