Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I wanna wish all my friends happy Halloween and/or Samhain!

This is what my Christmas sampler by Carole looks like right now. I just printed part 7 and hope to stitch it tomorrow.

I worked on the Permin butterfly kit too. As you can see, I will soon finish the central section and will start to literally stitch outside the box. :)

I have made such a great progress I keep surprising myself! But finally I can dream of buying new stash without feeling guilty about my ever growing WIP lineup. I already know that I will buy me a new kit by Permin of Copenhagen. This above picture is nice but not really my cup of tea. My husband chose it, that's why he's the one who will be getting it. Me, I would like to have one of these on my wall:

 What do you think? Are they lovely or what?

I will go and set up another wish list on my web album now. That's what I always do in times of turmoil. Today I helped my husband pack his things, he is leaving. We are about to write the official letter that we must hand in to the court... that is, we file for divorce. I feel rather strange now. Half of me is scared of what is going to happen, and the other half cannot actually believe that it is really happening. I'm 35 and I am about to divorce for the second time. It's hard to not say "life sucks", even if I know that it really doesn't. My parents help me despite all our arguments, I have a most amazing child, I'm more or less healthy and still young. I have a roof above my head and food in my fridge, I have 24 hr online connection to the world, HBO digital, a multi-functional scanner/printer/fax machine and enough stash for the next decade. I have friends in all continents. I speak two languages and can kinda read two more, and my IQ is so high Mensa needs extra tests to specify it. I'm tall and thin and have excellent skin. And yet... life kinda sucks right now.


Nancy M said...

Sorry to hear your sad news. Somethings just don't work out. But you need to look on the bright side and remember all those good things you listed. You've made great progress on the one kit and I think you should be rewarded to buy one that you would like to see on your wall.

Aussie Stitcher said...

Like Nancy said, you need to focus on the good things at the moment. You have made great progress on the butterfly design.

Dani - tkdchick said...

I'm very sorry to hear you're gettign a divorce, but you're looking on the positive side of things and that's what's best.

Your WIPs are gorgeous!

Carolyn NC said...

So sorry to hear about the divorce and turmoil you're in. Hang in there - you have an awful lot going for you. Love your stitching!

Tammy said...

I know what you're going through---seen my own mom go through it twice. VERY hard, but you'll do just fine. On a lighter note, your pink Christmas sampler is just gorgeous!

Maureen said...

Hey - you're allowed to feel bad, going through a divorce is a pretty stresful thing .. but just remember all the good things about yourself - oh and stitching wise i like the ones with the bees!

Lynn said...

First of all, thanks for stopping by.

Second, I agree with you on the Permin kits. I LOVE them.

Third, sorry to hear abt your divorce. Yes it's true you are fortunate in the things you *do* have, but a divorce is a very hard thing to go thru. It's a death of a marriage and it needs to be mourned.

Karan said...

Give yourself time & things will improve, then you'll be able to see this not as an ending but as a new beginning with endless possibilities.
Have enjoyed seeing the Christmas SAL piece develop, it is so pretty. :0)

Gabi said...

Sorry to hear about your divorce. And good on you both that you try to remain friends.
Great stitching. Love your Permin kit.