Wednesday, July 4, 2007

New challenge - 101 things in 1001 days

Stitchwise - what I want to stitch

  1. Finish Garden Gate
  2. Finish Ice Angel
  3. Finish Deepest Love
  4. Finish Magic Witch
  5. Finish the Teacup RR (?/15)
  6. Finish the Millenium Cats RR (5/13)
  7. Finish the Birthday Flowers RR (5/12)
  8. Finish the PIF exchange gifts (0/3)
  9. Do at least 5 freebies (0/5)
  10. Do at least 6 ornaments (0/6)
  11. Stitch Gemstone Dragons (0/15)
  12. Stitch Wildflower Trio
  13. Finish Victorian Elegance
  14. Stitch Matrix
  15. Do the element ACEOs by Sara Butcher (0/4)
  16. Get a subscription to at least one British x-stitch mag
  17. Stitch Lady of the Mist
  18. Stitch at least one Mirabilia Queen
  19. Stitch Rose of Sharon
  20. Stitch Villa Mirabilia
  21. Stitch In the Arms of an Angel
  22. Stitch a Stoney Creek design
  23. Stitch a design from Susanna (Italian cs mag)
  24. Stitch a design for a British mag

Homewise - what I must change at home

  1. Organize my stash into boxes
  2. Organize my bills into files
  3. Purchase and put up new curtains
  4. Purchase an extendable child bed
  5. Make a patchwork cover for the couch
  6. Make a wall cover with pockets
  7. Sew covers for the chairs (0/2)
  8. Learn to cook at least 5 more dishes (0/5)
  9. Re-decorate the kitchen
  10. Sell non-used books
  11. Have a framed photo of every relative on our wall
  12. Buy and install new bookshelves
  13. Give or throw away junk I have been storing for years
  14. Make all the containers from the corn flake boxes I have
  15. Purchase and install matching set of lamps

Childwise - what I want to do for my baby girl

  1. Take my baby to the Zoo
  2. Take her to the fairground
  3. Potty train her
  4. Finish her height chart
  5. Show her the sea
  6. Take her to a ride on Chairlift in Buda (libegő)
  7. Take her pony riding
  8. Sew her two dollies (0/2)
  9. Get her a pet
  10. Arrange her a kiddie party
  11. Build a snowman with her
  12. Go sledge sliding with her
  13. Watch fireworks with her
  14. Make snow angels with her
  15. Try to teach her swim
  16. Take her to a national park
  17. Braid her hair
  18. Teach her English words
  19. Take her stargazing
  20. Teach her origami
  21. Take her to the Dragon's Library
  22. Get her a Disney classic on DVD, preferably Snow White or 101 Dalmatians
  23. Create a scrapbook together
  24. Teach her skating
  25. Bake cookies together

Selfwise - what I want to do for myself

  1. Stop tearing at my nails
  2. Learn Spanish (intermediate level)
  3. Learn quilting
  4. Gain a few pounds
  5. Get a small tattoo
  6. Learn all the Japanese words I once knew
  7. Go horseback riding
  8. Go to a gym at least 10 times within a 3 month period (0/10)
  9. Learn ballroom dancing
  10. Dye my hair blonde
  11. Get my birthmarks checked
  12. Get my leg pain checked
  13. See Venice
  14. See Prague
  15. Learn the spread eagle
  16. Get pragnent
  17. Eat vegetarian food twice a week for one month (0/9)
  18. Dare to say "no" to something I really don't wanna do
  19. Visit the dentist
  20. Visit a wellness farm
  21. Learn to belly-dance
  22. Make friends with a female

Other - things that didn't fit into the categories above

  1. Re-designing my blog
  2. Learn using Photoshop really well
  3. Plant a rose tree
  4. Learn homepage designing
  5. Reach lvl 70 with my main character on World of Warcraft (level 59)
  6. Burn 10 CDs of important files (0/10)
  7. Scan old family photos
  8. Visit my grandparents' resting place
  9. Write a poem
  10. Draw my gown designs - at least 5 of them (0/5)
  11. Read 5 foreign language books (0/5)
  12. Get at least 2 board games (0/2)
  13. Organize my digital photos
  14. Buy a watch
  15. Knit two pillowcases (0/2)


Fjóla said...

láttam, hogy egyelőre te vagy az egyedüli magyar ebben a "projektben". Én is gondolkodom, hogy nekifogjak, de még alszom rá egyet! :D

Neked sok sikert!

Latharia said...

Great list! What kind of progress are you making? :)