Sunday, June 3, 2007

Magic number

I have turned 33 today. They say it is a magical age, a real turning point. I don't feel any different though.

My poor little baby girl is still full of spots. I found the first ones on her hand on Monday but I have mistaken them for mosquito bites. But at night she developed fever and been sleeping restlessly, often crying. Next morning she had even more spots. After waking she didn't have breakfast, just a bit of nursing and went right back to sleep another three hours. We visited the doctor who told us our baby had chicken pox. I was already suspecting that as the neighbour's kids had that illness two weeks ago. I tried to separate Tamara from them but it seems it was too late. Anyway, chicken pox is lurking in the body for three weeks before developing its symptoms, so we may never know when Tami got infected. Doesn't even matter.

We had a hard week, with no walks outside for any of the girls, lots of TV, lots of nursing, very little sleep. DH was with us on Tuesday, but been at work for the rest of the week. Unusually busy week at his workplace, but that is OK because we need the money. But I am more tired than ever. Tami is coming around nicely. Today she stopped growing more spots and the old ones are already beginning to dry off. She was amazingly disciplined in these past days. She really tried not to scratch. She did pick some of the spots but hopefully they won't leave a nasty mark. She is so pretty! I feel for her, some spots are really ugly, they must terribly itch.

Back to my birthday: I told my family and friends that I don't want to celebrate now. My baby is still sick and I am exhausted. Everyone agreed. I got some nice cards though and a great book from DH. It's Terry Pratchett's Masquerade and I love the Discworld books. I won't be reading it yet as I am still reading the Shogun. I also got DH's credit card to order myself a chart from Heaven and Earth Designs. I haven't been to that site for a while so now I just couldn't resist the temptation and bought two charts. :D Hey, it is my birthday after all! Anyway, I created a wish list too but I guess I will have to edit it. I should live for another 150 years to stitch them all!

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