Wednesday, April 18, 2007

My little birthday-girl

Tamara turned three. What a big girl!

We celebrated her birthday in Székesfehérvár, where my husband was born and his parents still live there. The big date was on Tuesday right after Easter but we decided to combine the two events. I had to laugh because it reminded me on her birth. Tamara was born on Easter Saturday and now I was unable to believe that only three years have passed!

She is such a big girl now!
She eats alone, can drink out of a glass or a bottle without spilling, she can recite her favourite poems and tales by heart. She speaks in complete sentences, accurately describing her thoughts and feelings. She will soon go to kindergarten, can you believe it? We just need a little potty training, that's all.

As my FIL has a car we decided to visit the great-granmas as well One of them has a really nice garden so Tami had the chance to search for eggs in the grass. She truly enjoyed it, especially as some of the eggs were made of chocolate! lol She had a mighty good time. We were blessed with wonderful sunny weather so she was able to run around in the fresh air until sunset. The relatives that came around to see her were all amazed how smart she is and how much energy she has.

We outdid ourselves in shopping for her, must have spent the half of our monthly income on gifts. Boxes of Duplo, some puzzles, a doll, some clothing, two Disney-cartoons on DVD (Mulan and Rescuers Down Under), and so on. The biggest gift still came from the grandparents: it's a brand new bicycle with a matching red rider's helmet!

Tamara is simply amazing, after five minutes she was riding this bike as if she has been practicing for years! Luckily we've had the same warm spirng weather since then so we go for a bike ride every day. That is, she is riding and I am jogging. :) At least I will get my appetite back! I need to gain some weight. She is still nursing at least 4-5 times a day. I'm wondering how it will change during summer. I will keep you updated.