Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Touched by an Angel

Less than an hour after I wrote my previous, deeply depressed blog entry, someone knocked on my door. It was the mailman. He gave me a huge, snowman-covered envelope. I didn't recognize the handwriting but I could see immediately that it came from the other side of the Atlantic.

My first thought was: oh my gosh, someone must have misanderstood one of my mails and added me to an exchange by mistake. Now I have been sent something and must spend from my limited supply of cash to buy something in return. But how could it happen?

Anyway, I opened the envelope. I found loads of charts, floss, fabric, a button and even a kit! But I was most interested in the little envelope's content, which, I was sure, would explain what had happened. And it did...

Dear Vikki, bless you, bless your children, your whole family, group of friends, bless your hometown, your country! Your letter brought tears into my eyes when I read it, and again when I phoned my husband to brag about what excellent friends I found on the World Wide Web, and now again while I'm typing. You remembered what a terrible financial situation we're in and cared enough to let me know you're paying attention. You knew that a couple of charts worth stitching can make a whole life worth living. You took the time to pack up a bunch of angel themed items to remind me how they are watching over us. I sure believe they do so and I am sure that many of them live among us, disguised as stitchers, performing Random Acts of Kindness whenever they are most needed. And no one in the world would convince me that you are not one of them!

Thank you, I cannot say enough times, thank you so much, I will cherish every one of them as long as I will live. By the way, the little angel button has been spoken for - my baby daughter likes it so much she asked me to give it to her. I will stitch it on a ribbon and put it in her hair so the angel can follow her around and keep her safe. I have been blessed with wonderful friends and when I think about my daughter's future, first of all I wish her good health and right after that, but just as important, I wish her friends like you.

May as many angels watch over you as many eyes were filled with tears of joy because of your kindness! I love you. Your kids hit the jackpot on the lottery of life when they were born into your family. May the angels always remind them of this.


Meari said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Tami. She got a ton of gifts!

You got a nice RAK from Vikki, too. Enjoy it.

Vikki said...

I'm actually just getting around to reading this. At first I forgot that I even sent it because I knew it was going to take awhile to get there. I'm so glad it brought you so much joy. That was my intention. I know how it is to be down and out. I also know what little things can really mean. Give your daughter lots of hugs and kisses, she is just too adorable! And consider yourself hugged :)