Monday, May 8, 2006

What Kind of Spirit are you? (12 results, and anime pics)

You are an Intelligence spirit! Your Best Trait: Although intelligence often seems like a heavy burden, people still look up to you because of your knowledge. Why Guys Would Like you: Other smart guys would like you because they can have a decent conversation for once! Those smart guys think on your level, and you can talk about the same sort of stuff. If you were a Mythical Creature: You'd be a wise griffin, with secluded knowledge, and you'd share it with only those worthy enough. You in a Nutshell: Most likely, you are an over-achiever and perfectionist. Don't worry, I am too...people might cal you a nerd, but they're probably just jealous that you've got a 99.9% in Calculus and they've got a 39.1. Just keep up the studies, and maybe loosen up a little. Social life is important to, ya know.
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Meari said...

Just so you don't freak out. Your side bar is way at the bottom of your screen. It's down there because the photo in today's blog entry is too big. :)

Jade said...

Strange, in my browser it slips *under* the letters of the sidebar. :)