Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Family week

Last week DH was at home. Presently he has no job but he does have work to do. He is translating a software and will only be paid when he is done. He's been working on this since the middle of January and it will take at least a month to finish. This led to a considerable financial problem, because we have had no income for the past months but we still have the usual bills to pay. Anyway, I wasn't gonna write about this. I just wanted to explain that he CAN go into the office of his employer's office so when he needs some information regarding the software to be translated, he can consult with the developers immediately, which makes his task easier. However, now that he spent lots of time on this program, he is familiar enough with it to work on his own. Therefore he decided to spend more and more time at home, working on our PC. This is terrific on one hand, because we get to spend much more time together, and when he makes a short pause to rest his eye, he can either help me out with the housework a bit, or play around with our daughter, who in return gets more and more attached to her daddy.
On the other hand, I have some translating to do myself, and by now I am several weeks beyond deadline. Not to mention the dozen-or-so mail groups I belong to, plus my favourite websites I used to visit every day, or the computer games I used to play while Tamara was asleep or just busy with her building blocks or picture books or whatever. To cut a long story short: last week I spent shockingly less time with the PC than any week in the past years since Tami was born. I miss it, very much. But at least I had some chance to stitch. As I was saying in one of my previous posts, I got a bit sick of all the specialty threads, so last week I decided to work on Deepest Love instead of Ice Angel. I am doing much better than I thought I would! When I started, I thought, I will probably give up on working on something this big after two weeks or so, but I am getting more and more exciting about it! The SAL is a great help, but also the fact that with a digital camera I get to photograph it and keep myself updated how far I can get with a single week of dedicated stitching makes me believe in my stitching power! lol

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Shelleen said...

Your Deepest Love looks great!