Saturday, May 20, 2006

Big sister leaving

Sometimes I bless the net. It brought me close friends I never would have had the chance to meet. Some of them I will never meet in person, not as long as I live. And yet, I will be able to be a part of their lives, just as they are parts of mine. Maybe if I get a webcam and a headset, we will be able to stitch'n'bitch, or chat over a cup of coffee as if we were sitting on the opposite sides of a table and not an ocean. The internet made me able to have a rich and active social life while sitting at home with my baby girl. It also allowed me to send photos of my baby to my family at home and I was able to share my thoughts with them.

Now it seems it takes something away from me. My one and only sister, while chatting on the net, came accross a young man and soon they fell in love with each other. That is not a problem. My sister, Monika, spent lots of time alone, looking for a man she could love and who'd love and appreciate her and her son as much as they deserve it. I am SOOO happy she found him. What makes me a bit sad is that he lives in New Zealand, practically the opposite side of the planet. I don't know much about him - his name is Steve, was born in America, had a marriage far too young so he divorced. I know he too is a Christian, like my sister, and nowadays he lives and works in New Zealand. Monika met him a few months ago but was a bit scared about what the family will have to say about this relationship, so she told no one, only her son, who is very supportive.

Well, things seem to speed up now... Monika will fly to NZ in August, they plan to get married in Hungary in September, and then move to New Zealand together. I really hope and pray they will be as happy as they can be and stuff... but I am too selfish, and all I can think of is that I never had my big sister further than an hour's drive away from me for the past (almost) 32 years of my life, and that my nephew has recently escaped death just so he would live hundreds or even thousands of miles away from me, and that my parents are both over 60 and how hard it will be on them to have a child and a grandchild so far they can hardly imagine... and I hate the thought that although the net brought a happy family life for my sister it also became the only possible means for me to keep in touch with her for maybe the rest of our lives. Posted by Picasa

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