Monday, April 24, 2006


The past weekend was very good for us, we got recharged in many ways. My mom and my sis came to see us Saturday, after lunch. They took Tamara to the nearby mall. There was a free show with lots of performers and music. Tami was reportedly amused and having lots of fun. Mum said she was running around and dancing a lot, which mainly consists of wiggling her butt and wawing around with her hands. Anyway, they took her not only to be with her, but also to give me the opportunity to work on my translation. With a bit of remorse in my heart I must admit that I did not translate a single sentence. I just finished an urgent file the day before and done my proof reading around midnight, so I needed the rest badly. Therefore, I decided to work on Ice Angel instead. When I rested my hands, I re-read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I began reading the series again a week ago. I have the first four volumes in Hungarian, so I could read fast, I wonder if English is going to slow me down with the next two volumes. :)
On Sunday, my parents came around really early and took Tami home, to my hometown. There the river is slowly getting back to the normal level. Very slowly, as we had some heavy raining last week, but at least the flood is gone. Anyway, they took the train and my girl really loves the wide corridor and huge windows of the new trains. Mom said she loved the sightseeing and commented on everything she could put a name to. This way, my dearest husband and I had some time for each other, which can not be said about the past months, and we needed this time badly. We had some nice chat, played on the computer and took a long walk in the warm and sunny afternoon. Also, as it was election day, we voted together and in the evening watched TV as the results came in. We were very satisfied with the outcome of the election. I continued my stitching while the show was on. I stitched a few feathers of the angel's wings, because I'm sick and tired of the problems with all the specialty threads, so I needed a bit of work with "normal" floss. I haven't done a single stitch on any of my other projects all week long.

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