Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Ice Angel - background story and progress

I originally intended to stitch Ice Angel for our aunt Clara, and I am using the word "our", though she was DH's relative but she accepted me as a member of the family from the moment we met. She was a woman with a golden heart, full of love. We loved to visit her and she was fond of my baby girl, so she called us on the phone every day to ask how she was doing. She always loved angels, so when I agreed to buy some LnL charts from a U.S. friend, I decided to stitch Ice Angel first, frame it and give it to her. Unfortunately, last December, only a week after the charts arrived, she fell ill and with tragic suddenness, at the age of 58, she died. It was a big shock for the whole family, especially her mother, of course. I decided to stitch Ice Angel anyway and decided to make it one of my New Year's resolutions, although I was a bit scared, since this will be my biggest piece yet and I am famous for not finishing things... you can imagine my relief when Shelleen in the Stitching Sisters mailgroup called for a SAL of this particular design! With their help and support I will definitely be able to finish Ice Angel and I wish to give it to aunt Clara's mother who is also a "fan" of angels. So, now you know, why this design - and this group - is so important to me. I don't believe in accidents, but I do believe in miracles. I am also a firm believer in angels. I am sure they are all around us, looking after those who cannot look after themselves. One of them must have been whispering in Shelleen's ear, as she sent me all the Kreinik blending filaments, Mill Hill beads and the rest of the required special floss without accepting any payment! Or, she is simply that nice to everyone, and in that case, she is an angel in disguise! :)

I had a real hard time working on this piece. I wanted to finish Christmas Night first, which was supposed to be a gift for my sister, you guessed it, for Christmas, but it turned out to be a real confetti-stitching, so it still dwells on my one and only scroll frame. I tried to stitch IA in hand, but turned out really ugly! So I frogged it and started again, with another rayon floss. I didn't check it carefully enough, so I divided it to three strands instead of six - the stitching was too bulky. Rip it, rip it... Then, I've re-stitched it for the third time - but I could see the blue fabric underneath! Yeah, you've guessed it... third frog! So now I stitch the white gown with three strands, which makes railroading a bit difficult, but never mind! I had a hard time with the metallics too, but now I have a wet sponge next to me and I regularly run the floss through it, which helps a lot. Sometimes I even lick the floss, when the sponge dries and I'm to lazy to get up and take four steps to reach the tap... :) anyway, this is my first project on linen, and I still stitch in hand, but it turns out really nicely! I wonder if I can finish by June, when grandmother Clara (aunt Clara's mom) has her 83rd birthday!


Vikki said...

Jade, I love the story behind the Angel. I still see that I will never catch up to you on this piece LOL My story behind Ice Angel....I like it so I'm stitching it for myself LOL I spent 4 years of stitching things for others and the only thing that I ended up really doing for myself was a key chain that has since broke. So needless to say I'm trying to catch up on stitching for me. Keep up the great progress.

valda said...

I also enjoyed the story behind Ice Angel. Keep up the good work.

Meari said...

What a nice story, Jade. You have perserverance, that's for sure! I'm looking forward to seeing it finish. :)