Saturday, May 17, 2014

All the SALs in the world

I keep signing up for stitch-a-longs in the hope that one of them will bring back my stitching mojo, but no luck so far. I already told you about my Mirabilia group, the tulip sampler and the Ink Circles mandala series. This year I already signed up for a Halloween SAL by Alessandra Adelaide Needleworks, another round of Ink Circles mandalas, the Save The Stitches blackwork project, another blackwork design by Brodeuse Bressane, a band sampler and the Take A Stitch Tuesday challenge on the PinTangle blog. In the meantime I have Abi's Summer Tree SAL, three HAED charts, about six Mirabilias, three L&Ls, two Dimensions kits, two Lanartes, three DMC kits, a Thea kit and a bunch of leaflet/magazine WIPs going on. I must be nuts. I know I said I won't make a fuss as long as I'm enjoying it, but I no longer do! Now I feel crushed under the sheer number of projects and feel like I have not accomplished anything in ages. I have a minor finish but I can't find any joy in it with all the others looming above my head. I have to get organized and force myself to produce a couple of big finishes before this situation is doing my head in. No more new projects for me! Okay just one: the Mojo Sampler by Abi Gurden. Maybe its name will magick the joy of stitching back into my life.

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Shelly said...

I find a brand new start gets me going again. I also have a lot of WIPs but am bored with them! I belong to a few SALs and its the right number. More than that, I stress out! Mojo Sampler has to be a sign to start again!