Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Pink troubles

I continued working on the Villa Mira lady's skirt, but hit the breaks when I reached the bow it is a very bright pink colour I don't like and so avoid whenever possible. I am not familiar with the pink palette. So when it dawned on me that the 600 and 601 shades of DMC look identical, I became uncertain. Is it the lighting, did I make a mistake when I wound my floss on the bobbins, or are those colours simply that close to each other? Am I even gonna see any difference on the stitching? I didn't have Internet access for most of the holidays. I thought about contacting my stitchy friends, but I didn't wanna disrupt their family holiday time with such trivial things. So I jut put it aside and worked on my other projects. After all, there is no shortage of those! Here's how far I got:


Annie said...

It's beautiful so far!

Hesztia said...

Nagyon jó lesz! Remekül mutatnak ezek az árnyalatok együtt :)
A 600 sorozatot szerintem meg kéne még nézni, mert én szeretem őket, sokat is használom, és nekem eléggé idegennek hat ahogy most kinéz.
Bár lehet, hogy a képernyő felbontás is az oka,hogy esetleg nem pontos a felbontás?Nem tudom.

Susan said...

It is really pretty so far. Unfortunately, I can't help on the pinks, but my guess is that they are very close in color.

Blu said...

She's looking gorgeous!