Saturday, August 10, 2013

Before and after

So two years ago I was working as a cleaning woman at an office building that was remodelled. Two other ladies and I were cleaning up the mess the builders left behind. One day at lunchtime we found a room with some hard hats, and one of them was the same blue as the top I was wearing. So I put it on and my co-worker took some photos with her phone. Only after she emailed them to me did I realize that I am no longer my usually slim self.
I would not have minded the extra pounds if at least some of them would have come in the shape of muscles. But I my flesh was soft and wobbly, and it didn't feel or look right. At the time I was busy with having my daughter move back with me and start her schooling, plus the cleaning job was a temporary one, and I needed to find a long term workplace. But as soon as I had a permanent job and a rhythm to my life, I decided to visit the gym on a regular basis. So that is what I do now. For almost a year, I go for TRX, spinning and stretching classes at least twice a week. Results? I lost a bit of weight and what remained is strong and firm. Just a little bit of pouch belly to go, but nothing urgent. I took this photo a few days ago, wearing the same top. What do you think?

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