Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Roll Your Own progress

I am still working on the Candyfloss square by Ink Circles. I am almost done with the top half. The rayon floss I use for the edges looks great, it gives the design a very stained glass look, but I admit it is very difficult to work with and significantly slows my progress down. I still love the design, but as I said previously, right now I have Mirabilia fever, so it is not my number one project.

In the meantime, Tracy has released the sequels to this mandala, and I signed up to buy all six designs. I even picked the colours for the next one and put my first stitches in it. I call it Summer Bride. The photos below are awful, I picked a light yellow piece of aida and some lovely warm shades of Anchor floss. But with bad lighting and a phone camera, it looks like this. I will take another picture later.

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