Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Change of heart

I think I am growing old. The other day someone shared a photo on Facebook. It was the interior of a beautiful house, with a trail of red rose petals running from the entrance, across the room and up a flight of stairs, and my first thought was "well, I'm not cleaning that up". It made me giggle and then wonder about how I have changed through my life. As a kid, I just thought it looks like fun. In my twenties, I thought it is incredibly romantic and sexy. I had my daughter at 29, so in my thirties, my first thought would have been, "the kid's gonna choke on that", seriously, don't put anything within her reach that fits in her mouth and isn't food. Now I am going on 40, and all I can think of is "whoever threw those on the floor is going to do the hoovering, and if you step on it and it stains the carpet, I'm not gonna be the one scrubbing that clean either".


Susan said...

Your thoughts made me smile as I would have thought the same thing.

Marcy said...

Times certainly do change. Thanks for the smile!