Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Annual cross stitch exhibition (tons of photos)

The LNS I am working at organizes an exhibition of cross stitched beauties every year. We encourage everyone to share their work with the wider public, regardless of the project's size, age or type. This year we had a record number of entries, which kinda explains why I didn't have the time and energy to blog (or stitch), but I am only half complaining. It has been overwhelmingly amazing to take part in organizing this event and I have been blown away by all the talent and dedication of the stitchers participating. Prepare to be inspired!

The top three prize winners

Last but not least: my lovely colleagues and I, after a busy day.


Anonymous said...

I am speechless!! What an amazing and talented group of stitchers!!! Only wish I was there t see this exhibition in person. Congratulations to everyone!! And thank you for sharing the photos. ....going back to look again! Nancy in NY

DUSTY said...

WOW !! That is quite a display of beautiful stitching. To say awesome just doesn't do it. Amazing lot of talent . And how many of yours Re hanging there ??

DUSTY said...

I am speechless!!. Awesome display !! So much talent displayed !!

hazel said...

Absolutely stunning and so well displayed.

Thank you for sharing.

Hazel c uk

Csák Györgyi Krisztina said...

I have none of my stitching on display, because I work for the organizing LNS, I am disqualified from running for prizes. Plus most of my stitching is at my parents' house far away.