Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Joining SALs like there's no tomorrow

Being addicted to Abi Gurden's Tree of Stitches it was obvious that I would sign up for anything she had planned to throw our way. I have already stitched the original tree twice, and I'm in the process of picking colours for the third one. So when she announced the SAL for her Summer Tree of Stitches, I simply yelled "shut up and take my money" at the computer screen and joined up before even looking at the design. Which, by the way, is stunning and unique and calls out to me. I invite everyone to sign up and join us. Just click on the link above and get stitching! Here is the image to get your mouth watering:

The second SAL I signed up for is a special Inc Circles mandala design. We are invited to pick our favourite colours and stitch this beautiful design. You can get all the details by checking the designer's blog. There is also a Yahoo! group where we can share ideas and progress.

These are the colours I picked for this design, but I cannot make up my mind about which fabric to choose. Also, I don't wanna make the dividing line black but I cannot decide on what shade to use, plus, there is the difficulty to assigning colour families to shape families, so it is not as easy as it bloody seems and every time I go through this I have more and more respect for designers and all the hard work they put into their projects.
FYI the colours I picked are:
(from light to dark)
3608, 917, 915,
963, 962, 335,
153, 209, 3837
800, 813, 825,
I call this version Candyfloss. :)


Angela CG said...

I love the colors you have chosen. I would go with either a really dark blue or purple to stay within your color wheel but not make the dividing lines so harsh. Just my opinion.

Susan said...

Thanks for the info on the SAL. I'd missed it and am very interested. Love the colors you picked.