Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My conversion

Many of you lovely stitchers have asked me about how I converted Rose of Sharon to the colours I am currently working with. I promised a post and here it is!
First I checked the chart to see which symbols correspond with which colour. I grouped the yellows of the dress and the blues of the ribbon in two columns in my notebook, going from lightest to dark. Then I started picking DMC purples for the dress. I quickly realized that regardless of their amazing range, I will not be able to get the desired effect with just one brand. One of the perks of working in a needlework shop is that I am surrounded by stash, that is currently not mine, but that is just a glitch in the Matrix, sooner or later they will ALL be my prescioussss! So I filled the gaps with Anchor floss. For the longest time I could not decide on the colour of the ribbon, but Stephanie's beautiful Forest Bloom fabric gave me the inspiration to use a green shade and I didn't regret it.
So now you know the story and you will know the numbers too.
Original (DMC)/ My version
676                    DMC 3836
680                    DMC 3834
729                    DMC 3835
745                   Anchor 90
746                   Anchor 103
829&680          DMC 154
931                   DMC 3812
932                   DMC 958
3752                 Anchor 186
3756                 DMC 964
In case you were wondering, yes, I am planning further changes to the design, I want to stitch the columns in full as they would look weird on this fabric otherwise. I wanna change the flowers' colours too, but I will cross that bridge when I have dealt with the troll hiding under.


Susan said...

Thanks for the explanation of the conversion process, I've often thought about it but was overwhelmed. With this process, I might be able to do it.

Kate said...

Gorgeous conversion!! You are so lucky to work in a lns, what inspiration :)