Monday, July 2, 2012

Game time!

Okay, I am still working more hours than I'm comfortable with, but at the same time I am happy with the direction my life is taking, and to celebrate that I decided to host a little game. I call it "guess the HAED" and it pretty much describes what you must do. Last month Kelly from GA decided to RAK me on my birthday, which was awfully nice of her and caught me by surprise. It made me look through my HAED stash and regardless of the WIPocalypse madness I have going on, I just had to start working on one of them! It also inspired this bit of fun. 
So here's the rules: 
1, Kelly, I love you, but sadly, you are disqualified. :) 
2, You may go through the HAED website, but please don't look at my wish list for clues!
3, If you believe you identified the project, leave a comment with the name of the design you think it is. One guess per player please!
4, If one person gets it right, he/she gets a small prize. 
4.1, If more people get it right, I will pick one of them for the prize.
4.2, If no one gets it right, everyone takes part in the sweepstake.
5, You have until midnight of July 17th to guess.
6, I will publish the results here on my blog.
7, Kelly will be compensated for not being able to take part. ;)

So start guessing and good luck!

Edited to add: okay, I take back rule two, you can look at my WL if you wish. But really, leaving a comment with any HAED design that has blue in the top left corner will get you in the draw, so as I said in my comment, consider this a giveaway! :)
I have also removed word verification, as I have to approve every comment anyway, so no point. 


mdgtjulie said...

Since we don't even get a hint, and since there are over five thousand HAEDs, I have NO idea, lol. It has pretty colors though. Of course, I'm gonna go look at your wishlist to see if I can figure it out. I just can't guess. Darnit, lol. Hope you get lots of entries!!

Csák Györgyi Krisztina said...

LOL, yes I know it's difficult but long time readers of this blog might have an idea of my preferences, as I mentioned them a few times before. :) And I will draw a name anyway, whether someone gets it right or not. Consider it to be a giveaway with a little twist. ;)