Saturday, February 11, 2012

February WIPocalypse report

First of all I would like to say that I have never stitched so much in my life as in these past weeks. Ever since I signed up for the WIPocalypse and Crazy January Challenge, I have really been stitching like there is no tomorrow!
Second, since I spent almost a week working on nothing but the secret project, I don't have a lot of pictures to show you. Surely I made progress on other projects but only minor ones. Nevertheless, I will show you all I can. To prove how diligent I was, I took a picture of the floss ends with my cell. It is a nice pile and makes me very satisfied with myself!
During this week I have also realized how much I'm depending on feedback. I got used to posting on my progress, and although I may not get a lot of comments, I see the blog statistics that tell me that I am regularly read by a lot of people, and to me that is enough encouragement to carry on. But since I cannot share my secret project, there is nothing to get feedback on. I find it oddly annoying.
Also, since I stitched a great deal, it was inevitable that I miscount at some point... as Spiderman's uncle said, with great progress comes a great frog that will keep you awake 'till 2 am. Or something like that. And if that is not enough, I had to revise my method because I realised I will not be able to continue the way I originally planned. You see, this is the hard part of keeping a secret, there is always a part of it that one wants to discuss without giving away the gist of it. So bare with me, it will all make sense in about a year from now. Anyway, I caved in and did a difficult part the easy way, and I hope that it will not be visible for the eye when it is all done.
Despite the nice progress and the distant deadline, I am still worried if I can finish in time. When I started I thought, I have finished a project of this size, but I forgot about two things. One, that the finished design wasn't totally covered in stitches so while the proportions were the same, the stitch count was way less. And two, that fabric was 28 ct while this is 32 ct so there are more stitches on the same area.
Marjolein Bastin birdhouse
And now for the public projects:

Cross My Heart - Secret Garden
More coming up in a few hours...
...actually, I might finish this post tomorrow, because Blogger keeps glueing my images together for no reason, something it has never done before and I am on the edge of a nervous breakdown from adding, removing and re-adding them without the site making any sense.


Ziggyeor said...

Great job on the progress. I like it when people comment on my things and I also look back and see how much I've accomplished on a project.

Beth Pearce said...

What I can see of your projects are terrific. I know what you mean about Blogger and pictures - I almost put my fist through the monitor trying to get all of mine posted.

Lyn said...

Looking Great!