Sunday, January 8, 2012

Crazy challenge is crazy

I kinda suspected that signing up for this challenge is a whole bite bigger than I can chew, and I realize how far I'm behind with the posting or even the stitching. My only excuse is that this time I have decided to do it right, and I take extra care on measuring my fabric, doing the inch -> millimetre conversions and marking the 10x10 grid on the fabric way ahead. My list of projects so far is the following.
1. Butterfly Clover kit by Anchor
2-5. Garden cards from issue 42 of Cross Stitch Gold
6. Poppy by Nora Corbett
7-8. I <3 Antiques by Jeremiah Junction
9. Circle of Friends by Mirabilia
10. Exquisite Kimono chart by Dimensions
11. Pai Xiao by Pinn Stitch
12. Afternoon Harvest by CrossMyHeart Inc.
13. A chart form Secret Gardens by  CrossMyHeart Inc.
14. ???
15. ???
So I have 2 more to decide on. I thought it would be difficult to find 15 projects, but it is more difficult to pick only 15. I could easily start twice as many right now, and that's just off the top of my head.
Pictures will follow shortly.

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