Monday, July 4, 2011

Conversion problems

I spent the past two days working on my super secret project. I got to the point where I should work on the heads of the people in it, and I need to convert hair from blonde to brunette. The chart has instructions for that, but not very obvious ones. It says hair shades can be substituted. My problem is that the brunette has four shades and the blonde five, so I can substitute some but not all. Can anyone who has experience help me out? The original colours were 801, 420, 3045, 3046 and 3047 going from darkest to brightest. I changed them to 3371, 898, 433 and 434 in this order, but dunno what to do with the last one.
I really wish I could blog about this but my family reads that and I don't wanna spoil the surprise. No one in our family can keep secrets. Well, no one apart from me.


Claudette497 said...

4 suggestions:
1. blend colors, like 898 and 433 for an extra mid-tone.
2. Does the brunette in question have highlights? You can throw in some strands of gray, blonde, or copper if the hair has those tones, or you could blend a highlight color with a main color to get the fifth shade.
3. Just stitch one color for two symbols, so you have 4 shades.
4. see if 470, 632, 950, 3031, 3772, 3773, or 3781 work. HTH!

Tracy J said...

What you need is the dmc color card, it sells for like $10 at 123stitch or joann fabrics. Line up the original colors from dark to light then put the conversion colors from dark to light and use the dmc color card to determine which dmc color you should add.