Thursday, May 19, 2011

Picture heavy

 Here is my baby in the progress of teaching her bunnies to beg. They are truly adorable creatures, but no match for my girl!
I added several pictures of my parents' garden. I wish I could arrange the pictures better, but Blogger is really terrible in that respect. The pictures are difficult to position and they don't stay where I put them in the editing frame, so I have to keep switching to the preview. Next time I will simply add a Picasa slideshow but I just cannot bother now.



mdgtjulie said...

Beautiful pics, and she looks like a happy camper. So does the bunny!!

Vikki said...

Your daughter is too cute. I know what you mean about the pictures. I have a hard time also and was curing blogspot over it a few nights ago.

Karan said...

Lovely pic of your DD with her bunnies. Your parents have lots of lovely flowers in their garden. Glad things are going much better for you. :0)