Saturday, February 19, 2011

Of dragons

By now you all know that I play World of Warcraft on a regular basis. There are many creatures in that game that are too scary for minors to see, so I do my best to avoid showing those to my daughter. On the other hand, I think kids are way smarter than the average grown up gives them credit for, so I do let her see some parts of the game. The healthy part with green grass and trees and wolves for monsters. Not the Plaguelands with gigantic worms and rotting carcasses and attacking undead creatures.
I did, however, let her play some of the more innocent features of the game, like flying around on one of my drake mounts or fishing. Yes, you can fish in WoW. Or just let her watch the game, it is almost like a cartoon anyway. That was before November, 2008, when the game expansion Wrath Of The Lich King was released. From that point forward, the loading screen of a slightly ominous but still definitely peaceful stone gate was changed to the icy landscape above, with a huge undead skeletal dragon occasionally flying in and releasing a chilling roar before departing again. I was first worried that might scare my baby and tried to hide from her, but one time she woke up earlier than expected and saw the loading screen. "Oh, cool, an ice dragon" she exclaimed and seemed to completely ignore the fact that there is neither flesh or skin on its bones. I quickly affirmed that it is indeed an ice dragon, not unlike the one she is playing with in the game Fairies and Dragons, installed from a CD we got for free in a McDonald's Happy Meal.
So all was well until last December. That is when the latest expansion, Cataclysm was released. The powerful black dragon, Deathwing, has finally found it's way from its prison and scorched the lands of Azeroth in the event that is referred to as The Shattering. As a meta-gaming consequence, the loading screen had changed too. It is Deathwing in person, during his attack on the city of Stormwind.

I totally forgot about it as to me it made no difference what is on the loading screen, but my girl got all excited. "Look mommy, it's a new dragon" she shouted when she first saw it. "Yes, honey" I answered, "this time it's an evil fire dragon". She froze on the spot. Her eyes got big. I obviously said something shocking. I asked her "what is wrong, honey?" With her eyes still fixed on the loading screen she asked in the voice of disbelief "dragons CAN be evil?"

Mommy is so proud.

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Lucy said...

My son plays WOW so for Christmas I managed to work in some things for his gifts that surprised him that had to do with it.