Friday, February 4, 2011

Looking for readers

In case you didn't notice the new tab on this blog, I'm hereby announcing that I started a new blog, called Diaries of a Werewolf. I decided to keep a journal of a newly generated World of Warcraft character. I'm trying to write as she would see things and not from a gamer's point of view. You know, I started playing traditional role-playing games about 15 years ago, and sometimes when I play WoW, I try to get back to those rpg roots. For me it's fun and games and pwning, but for the characters that "live" in that world every day is terrible, they live in wartime, fight horrible monsters every day, kill and get killed every day, and somehow it doesn't come across the computer screen, how weird is that?
By the way, I had to make a sad decision. A few days ago I cancelled my WoW subscription. I know it is only $15 a month, but right now I cannot afford to spend even that much. I have about 20 days on my account and then I am unplugged for a while. I will try to gather enough material for my new blog till then. Please pay a visit and tell me what you think! I've been trying to make it enjoyable for those that are not familiar with the game at all and I am aching to find out how I'm doing.

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Terri said...

I hear you Jade. I had to do that with my WoW account atm.