Thursday, January 27, 2011

February NaBloPoMo

I have signed up once again because I need motivation to achieve anything. I set the goal of 28 posts in February, but I will not whine if I can't make it, that much is sure. Usually it's starting to type that's problematic. I have so much to say about, umm, practically anything, I just tend to not bother because a, I can hardly imagine anyone giving a damn about my opinion, and b, I have been alone for such a long time that I am used to not having anyone to talk to.
Back to topic, the theme for February is character, I can think of blogging about that in several ways, the most obvious being my WoW characters and their adventures. Of course, SaS is an will remain a stitching/parenting/depressing themed blog :) but it will be fun to experiment with various tones and personas.

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csibe said...

Really looking forward to it! :)