Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What have I done?

Seriously. Is my Xmas SAL project cursed? I lost my floss! What is going on here? I know I had at least one more skein, but I cannot find it anywhere. It was right here, on my table, between the keyboard and the screen for ages. Along with dozens of other things, that, unlike my floss, are still here, gathering dust. All right, so I am not the tidiest housewife, correction, housesinglemom, in the world. In fact, I am sure I am somewhere at the bottom of the tidy list. But I always take care of my stash! There is at least one, possibly one and a half skeins of Raspberry Parfait floss located in my flat some place, I just don't know the exact spot. I spent the day looking for it. I found copious amounts of stuff I didn't remember I had, but the floss remains missing. I am fuming. In my day-long monologue I have used every curse word known to mankind and went on to invent a few new ones. Still the floss is missing. I swear, there must be an evil little goblin sneaking in every once in a while and relocate my stuff as a prank.

This is how far I got.

On further news, I got a temp job at a mall gift shop, wrapping presents 11 hours a day, Friday to Monday until Christmas. Not a lot, but it will pay a few bills. Not sure how I will cope with working hours, I will probably be braindead by the time I get home. 
I totally missed Thanksgiving this year. I hope all my lovely American friends had a great time with their family and everyone is well. Right now, I am thankful for giveaways. The package from GoldenAngelsWork has arrived safely and I cannot stop flipping through the pages again and again!
This is my girl's portrait of my mom. The lines on her forehead and chin are her wrinkles. Very observant, that kid. My portrait has about three dozen dots for my moles.My baby is sick again so she must stay inside all day. She is coughing almost non stop, it breaks my heart to hear it. She must take so much medicine and is so brave, bless her. She spends most of her time drawing and watching telly. We saw Ice Age 3 the other day and she said "thank God I did not live in that era or a dinosaur would have eaten me". My mom replied by saying that as big and menacing the dinos looked, they only ate plants. Ha! Because you can fool my kid with that! She corrected my mom by saying that the tyrannosaurus rex was a predator and the pteranodon ate fish, so not all of them were meek vegans. She wasn't watching Dinosaur Train for months for nothing!

I botched my NaBloPoMo by not posting for the last five days, but in accordance with my Blogging Without Obligation pledge, I will not make a fuss about it. I understand that the two movements are total opposites of each other, and signing up for both is a perfect example of why life is never boring with a Gemini. Besides, I could have made it by posting another cute animal photo, a progress picture, a blog meme or a music video even if I had nothing to say, but I refuse to become meaningless for the sake of an online challenge. I'd rather have my blog be scarce than shallow.
If I break this post to pieces based on topics, that would make several entries. But that solution is cheap and not at all like me. Now if you excuse me, I must go and leave some cream outside for the elves. Maybe they will bring my floss back.

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GoldenAngelsWorks said...

SOrry you cannot find your thread.

Also sorry to hear your baby is sick. That is never fun.

I am so glad you received your package. Enjoy!