Saturday, November 13, 2010

Page one done

I have been very diligently working on Cirque des Cercles and I have managed to finish page one already! I went right on to page two and stitched until I ran out of floss. No worries, I have enough this time, I knew this one would be floss consuming so I bought 6 skeins and only used up one so far.
Unfortunately, I only have a rather bad photo to share. I took it with my phone camera and the light wasn't too good either. I will try to take some more later today but I just couldn't wait sharing this!
A few of you have been asking me questions, let me answer here. The chart looks very difficult and intricate but do not let it scare you. It is very easy to follow and a pleasure to stitch. The floss I am using is Anchor variegated #1348. I'm still planning to give away the chart for free when I am done stitching the project. I will post it in here and you will be able to sign up for it in comments as usual.


Kate said...

Looking good. This is going quickly for you. I have this pattern in my stash to do sometime.

Karan said...

You stitch so quickly - great progress & it looks gorgeous! :0)