Sunday, June 20, 2010

So much to blog

My girl has been visited by the tooth fairy for the first time! She lost exactly the same tooth that came out first and the one next to it is loose too, she keeps fidgeting with it. Also, she discovered the fun in trampolines and she hops around in the one we have occasional access to whenever she can. This Monday seen the closure of the ballet course and the little ones gave us a performance to celebrate it. I cannot believe how good she is and how much her moves and coordination have improved!
On a side note, does anyone else use Picasa? It was my favourite image viewer/organizer until recently, but has gone mad in the past weeks. I like correcting my photos, as in removing red eyes, straightening the slanting photos, cropping out what is irrelevant, that sort of thing. Picasa even turned my photos automatically in the right direction depending on landscape or portrait orientation. It still does for itself, but not any other program. You see in my previous post that the photos are sideways. Very annoying. Also, when I change something, it automatically saves the original version in a backup folder. Which is okay, but it doesn't automatically save the changes I made, which means that if I don't manually save every piece myself, I will end up with hours of work wasted and two versions of the same crappy pictures I started with.
On a more positive note, the water is receding, but this process is a much slower one than the rising one. You see, here is my school that I wrote about earlier. The building is safe, but the yard is still flooded, the water will have to soak in the ground because it has no other exit. Maybe someone will pump it, I don't know. You can see the hedge in the front, all grey with the dried mud, shows you how high the water level was.

Oh, I almost forgot that I got my PIF gifts from Carol! I got this lovely cushion and an adorable snowman ornament. Thank you very much, I love them!

I also have some progress pictures on Feasting Frenzy. As you can see, I have some new birdies and the roof is almost finished!

And last but not least, this is a drawing by my DD, and this is how she sees me. Amazing how she got the details right, the green eyes, my favourite turtleneck sweater and the white sneakers with the red stripes on the sides. What a budding little artist I have!
Needless to say, I am very proud of her and this picture is on my wall where I can always see it!


Nessa G. said...

Feeding Frenzy looks fabulous!

Karan said...

Your DD is doing so well - lovely pics & a great drawing.
FF is looking great. :0)