Saturday, November 14, 2009

Lazy needle

I haven't been stitching a lot lately. I got a bit lazy with my Christmas sampler, so now I'm stitching part 7 and 8 together to catch up. I can't take my time because part 9 is already available on Carole's website.
I don't know why I'm acting as if I didn't know what to do with all the empty hours of my time, but I did sign up for a HAED stitch-a-long as well! Not sure what made me do it, don't even ask! HAED simply makes me weak. I cannot resist their beautiful designs! Misery and cross stitching likes, what's more, craves company, so if you want to sign up, you can do that on the HAED message board, come along!
I spent four days at my parents with my amazing little girl. I missed her so much! She got better, waved her cough good-bye, so she is back in kindergarten again. Good thing too, she simply loves that place.
By the way, on this picture she is sitting on Granpa's head. Yes, she's allowed to do that. When she is at Gran's house, she is allowed to do whatever she likes. I'm not particularly happy with that, but what can I do? I need their support.
For the four days I dusted off an older WIP and took it with me. I worked on that single project for the time I spent there. Tamara was really delighted by my choice, because she loves tigers just as much as her mommy does. Here you go, this is my latest progress picture:

On my last day the family doctor gave me and my daughter the H1N1 shot. I never got a flu shot before. I didn't want this one either, but after I heard news that a few miles from my hometown an elementary school was temporarily closed due to a mass outbreak, I changed my mind. I thought, it is simply not worth taking chances. The doctor assured me that the vaccine is strong and has only minor possible side effects, such as light fever, muscle pains, tiredness and slight pain at the spot of the shot. Tamara did develop some fever and seems very tired and sleepy most of the time. In my case it's only the muscle aches and my right arm is very much in pain. I can feel a small lump under my skin where the shot was injected. I put some warm wet cloth on it, it does ease the pain a little, but I still can't do my washing dishes or ironing.

I think I have the perfect excuse to just sit on the couch and stitch a little.


Chiloe said...

oh youknow, grand parents: they can't resist cuteness ;-) it's fine if the kid knows his/her parents limits :-D

The tigger looks great!

Hope the pain from the shot disapear soon !!! Is it free in your country?

Nancy M said...

Tiger looks great! I am a new grand parent so don't know what kind of limits I am going to set here!!

Carolyn NC said...

The tiger looks fantastic!

Jade said...

Thanks for the compliments!

Chiloe, it is free for some, like the elderly, schoolchildren, infants and pregnant women. I think teachers are also included, or those who suffer from a chronic condition that makes them more vulnerable to the virus. I did buy mine though.

Claire said...

I see that your daughter is better and heading back to Kindergarten. I write a blog for parents of Kindergartners, thought you might enjoy taking a look at it:

Katrien said...

That tiger is gorgeous

Sherri said...

Hi Jade, thanks for following my blog! I'm a grandmother of a kindergarten aged girl so I know about letting do whatever they want - very tempting. I love your tiger!

Meari said...

Your tiger looks really good. What a funny pic of your DD and her Grandpa. :)

Karan said...

Cute pic. The tiger looks fabulous. :0)
My DH had the arm pain after his shot - it does get better after a few days.