Friday, September 18, 2009

Been a bad girl

It all started with a Dimensions chart. I was organizing my
leaflets and realised I bought a second copy of a chart I already had. As it happened earlier this week, I hurried back to my LNS to see if I can swap it for another while the lady behind the counter still remembers me. She was very nice and allowed me to swap my leaflet for another in the same price category, which is great because I managed to get yet another birdhouse pattern. :)

Problem is, I had to wait for the other shoppers to be served, and my eye kept wandering... and I realised that the beautiful Coffee Bean linen I purchased with the Dimensions chart a few days ago is exactly the one this stunning Mirabilia design calls for... so of course I had to buy it!

And while the lady before me got a little tutorial on blending filaments I discovered there is a 20% sale on kits for a couple of days only... and you guessed it... another birdhouse design that has been on my Wish List for about 6 years decided to come with me.

Do you think that's bad? Wait 'till you find out that I pre-ordered threee DMC kits! My LNS doesn't carry them but they are always ready to order whatever we like, and these kits were available for such a good price!

Yeah, I know it's no excuse... but I really, really needed Somebunny To Love.


Bizee Fingers said...

I love the way you shop!! Love your choices of charts too!!

Chiloe said...

We have the same tastes ;-) I love the somebunny to love: I stitched 2 already ;-) You can see them here : eskimo's kiss and april's shower.

Carol said...

But you had a whoooole lot of fun didn't you :) All of the designs look lovely. I love the cats staring at the birds.

Srinity said...

I also love birdhouses and I think I have that leaflet too. :)
The Somebunnies are cute!

Carolyn NC said...

You're not bad, just a normal stitcher!!!

Chars said...

I need the 3x somebody to love charts too... they are sooo cute :)