Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Months gone by...

It's been so much time since I last wrote a blog entry... many things have happened, most of them had a negative effect in our life. But let me start where I've last been.
Stitchwise I left you when I finished Christmas Night and started a handful of other projects. Well, CN had been framed and hanged as you can see here and I have also finished and framed the Bird Bath kit too. It was a birthday gift for my sister Mónika, who, by the way, married her beloved, Stephen from California, in August. Luckily they didn't move to New Zealand as we feared but decided to stay here in Hungary. We all get along real fine!

Some of you may also remember that starting May, my husband and I were working on a huge piece of translation. It was a technical text and we had a real hard time doing a good job. The deadline was impossible to meet and we have told this to our employer but he did not care. Anyway, we were well beyond deadline in July, although we were literally working day and night. The computer was 24/7 on and one of us would always sit at the keyboard, working. It was very hard, both mentally and physically, but the worst thing was always hushing our baby, always telling her to be quiet, to be patient, to understand at age 2 that mom or dad always has something else to do rather than play with her. :( Tami was very aggressive with us for a long time after we finished and we couldn't blame her.

We got word from the boss that the final deadline is in the first week of August, which was a bit of a problem, as the first ten days of August is the date for our holiday. Every year we go to the same camp with the same people. They are old friends and acquaintances, people from all over Hungary, people we get to see only then and there, once a year and we did not want to give up on that. So we borrowed a notebook and poor DH spent the first days of our holiday working... :( I, on the other hand, was supposed to look after Tami, but I fell ill, my stomach hurt terribly and without stopping, and I frequently vomited and felt weaker every hour. Finally, DH emailed the translation and took over Tami. A friend gave me a ride into town and I received medical help at the local hospital. I got some fluids and vitamins through I.V. I spent only the afternoon there and my stomach was fine after that, but felt really weak and have not regained my strength since then.

After returning home we have decided to re-organize our flat. As I wrote in earlier posts, Tamara fell down the stairs couple of times. To put an end to the non-stop terror I lived in I decided to separate Tami from the stairs. To do that I wanted to make sure there is no reason why she should climb the stairs. Our bed used to be on the gallery, so we had to buy a sofa that can be opened and converted to a bed for night. Tami had her baby bed. I removed the bars on one side. Now the two beds are next to each other, so if she wakes at night she may climb over to us for some "snack". :) Yes, she is still nursing.

So now the gallery is occupied by the computer, our new scanner/printer machine and all my stash. Yes, I have managed to make myself a stitching corner! It is small and messy, but it's mine! Too bad I am so weak, as most of it is still waiting to be organized. Half my magazines are not even registered in my Excel file yet! At least the DMC floss is now sorted. :)

....to be continued....


valda said...

Your 2 finished pieces are beautiful! That's wonderful to hear that the translation is done. I am sorry to hear that you've been so ill. Prayers that you will be better soon!

Nancy in IL said...

Bless your heart, Jade... sorry to hear of your illness and your little one's fall down the stairs. Glad you got the problem solved. Hoping the new year is safe and productive for you. LOVING your two beautifully framed finishes. A friend bought the CN kit and gave up on it for now ;-). Yours is a masterpiece!

Everyone needs their own corner. I have one, and it's messy too, but it doesn't bother me. Glad to hear you have a space to call your own!

Meari said...

I hope you had a *little* bit of fun on your holiday. Sounded a bit stressful, though. It'll be nice to have your own stitching corner. Happy New Year, Jade.