Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Stitchers' meeting

Last Saturday saw another meeting of the Hungarian online cross stitchers club. There is a message board on a ladies' site, where all these stitchers met. Together they have hammered out the idea of a Hungarian magazine, and by now they have their own home page, with picture galleries, message boards, conversion tables, and so on.

I have joined them about 18 ms ago. They didn't welcome me as I thought they would, and I felt offended, so I didn't go there for a while. I felt more at home with my American friends. They have greeted me as if they had known me all my life and I never felt left out of anything at all.

I learned so much from my overseas stitching friends! I wanted to share everything with my natives, I wanted to organize round robins, exchanges, stitch-alongs... but all my attempts have failed. I was "greeted" with suspect, as if I wanted to cheat out their money and stash. I was, once again, deeply hurt. I visited their monthly meetings, but usually just looked at their projects and rarely spoke with anyone.

As I wrote in an earlier post, few months later someone threw in the idea of round robins again, and this time it was accepted with enthusiasm. Maybe because one of their "older" members made the suggestion, I don't know. Anyway, I decided to swallow my pride and put aside my hurt feelings and joined a few RRs. Here on the side you can see one with herbs - I'm not taking part in this one though, I just love the way it looks. :)

These things with cute animals - mainly Margaret Sherry's cats - are gifts done by the whole community for the newborn baby of one of the members. This is but half of all the stuff they stitched!

Anyway, by now my nick is getting more and more familiar in that community, and I have a few friend-like relationships too. I am saying this because for me "friend" stands for someone I have known for years and learned to trust.

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