Sunday, March 12, 2006

Weekly report and another unexpected personality test

Well, my week has not been something I will be likely to remember with much pleasure. Monday started off OK despite the fact that I had a term at my dentist. Dad arrived around midday. He was a bit worried about looking after Tamara alone. I knew mum will come to help him out but as it was a surprise, I said nothing. The toothgum closed nicely at the place of my recently pulled tooth. I had another that was missing a huge part - about at the end of my pregnancy a piece broke off of it and it crubled ever since then. At least the third of it was missing. My dentist is the best, she scorned me mildly for not coming sooner but after that she gave me a nice white filling. No one could tell that tooth is not healthy! By the time I got home, Tamara was exhausted but did not sleep. I put her on my breast and she fell asleep immediately.
Tuesday was very active day for Tamara, and therefore, very exhausting for me. I went to have my hair cut in the afternoon. As I recall, Tami was 5 ms old when I last visited a hairdresser. I had my hair cut really short because it was falling out in masses. Now I just had it cut to reach my shoulders.
The rest of the week was similar: Tamara was running around, not sleeping too much but surprising us with two or three new words every day. She demands lots of attention. I began taking all sorts of vitamins to be able to keep the pace but one should always eat before taking these and with such an active child even eating and using the bathroom is a challenge. She runs up and down the stairs with high speed. Of course, I am anxious about things that could happen. Mothers are. Well, most mothers are. I am, for sure. Anyway, I was at the end of my strenght by Friday.
I was even depressed. I don't go out much lately and lack of exercise, fresh air and sunshine don't help much. Also, and this is the first and last time I am writing about politics, there will be an election in April, and one of the parties put up huge, dark posters all over town, saying, what a terrible life we must live, how many hardships we have. Each of these has a depressed face and I am sick of just seeing them. I found myself keeping my gaze on the ground to make sure I don't see these posters and one of the reasons I'm staying inside is that I'm trying to avoid them. Terrible, isn't it?
I guess these people don't know what they're doing. I have been diagnosed with major depression several years ago, had different kinds of therapies and took a lot of meds. Now I can cope with life without drugs but I really have to fight depression almost every day of my life! Anyway, even the weather was not very nice this week.
On Friday, I performed Tamara's very first haircut. I didn't want to do it but just couldn't postpone it any further. Her hair was already long enough to reach her eyes and a few times the hairtips have even got in her eyes and she cried, rubbing her eyes. I tried to use a hairgrip to keep her eyes safe but she kept taking it out of her hair and putting it under various pieces of furniture, so I had no choice.
Saturday was a babyfree day for us. My nephew came to see us. He's getting prepared for his school-leaving exam and DH helps him with his history lessons. To make sure they can study in peace, my parents took Tamara to the nearest mall to walk and shop around almost all day long. We had a good time. DH can talk about history and make it sound interesting like no one else. Me, I hate politics with all my heart and for me history is the politics of the past, so I hate that too. I had some serious amount of stitching done on the Ice Angel. I don't work on that when Tami is around. The metallic floss gives me enough pain without her constantly bugging me. So when she's awake and around, I stitch on Mirabilia's Deepest Love, and do Ice Angel only when she's out with someone or asleep. After my nephew had gone home, we have done some translating. I badly needed the help I got. I am stuck with that stupid language. I wish I didn't promise to do it, but I did.
One thing I liked this week is that I finally got around calling one of my long-time-no-hear friends. She lives in my hometown. We used to be best friend in out early twenties but since I moved to Budapest, we somehow lost touch. She is a very kind lady, and our brains work pretty much the same way. In games like Activity or Taboo, the others forbid us to be in the same group because we won everytime we were teammates! :) Anyway, she has two daughters now, 6 and 4 years olds, and she gave us everything the girls used to wear, so Tamara has lots of photos wearing the same clothes that my friend's daughters is wearing at their family pictures. :) Just one more thing we have in common!
One last thing: I was doing this personality test, where my power colour turned out to be indigo, when Tamara ran to the computer and started pushing random buttons. We have no idea how, but the computer came up with a new result, one that actually fits Tamara! Here it is:

Your Power Color Is Gold

At Your Highest:

You are engrossed in passions that mentally stimulate you.

At Your Lowest:

You seek thrills and neglect what's important in your life.

In Love:

You see dating as adventure and approach it with an open attitude.

How You're Attractive:

You passion for life makes others passionate about you.

Your Eternal Question:

"Am I Having Fun?"

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rose_michelle said...

Hey! I just sent off your small stitch and stopped by to chek out your site. I was going to take a photo last night but left my camera at work and forget to take the piucture when I got to work. So now it is in the mail. Can you send me a picture when you get it so I can put it on my web page.
Thanks, doll.