Sunday, February 26, 2006

Weird week

Not much new here. This past week there seemed to be an odd curse on DD as people kept disturbing her midday sleep. Once grandpa arrived when she was about to fall asleep and of course, the excitement immediately waked her. Next day she fell asleep outside, in grandpa's arm, when a stupid female walked about and kept ranting how beautifully she sleeps, and did this so loud that she waked her. Next day she was simply out of her daily rythm. On Friday, grandma's badly timed phonecall disturbed her sleep, while on Saturday, two brainless females' babbling woke her in the mall. Gonna have an interesting time next week.
Of course, as she is my daughter, all this disturbance couldn't keep her from stitching! See?

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Vikki said...

Jade, I really feel sorry for you. I had it so that I could actually vacuum around my kids heads when they were sleeping. My house is never quiet so if they want sleep they have to learn to live with it. Hopefully, your little one will learn to adjust to life going on around her :)