Thursday, February 2, 2006

Time to stitch?

Do you want to know why it takes so much time for me to finish my projects? Well do ya'? Punk?! :) Because 21 monts old Tamara has decided that whatever Mommy wants to do so often MUST be fun, so she wants to be part of it! Therefore, whenever I grab a piece of fabric or, in the case shown on the picture, a scroll frame, she immediately sits on my lap and tries to wrestle the needle from my fingers. She already knows that the needle must be punched up and down through the fabric but doesn't seem to realize what the heck is the floss there for. :) So if I fail to hide my project carefully enough, I find it on the floor, with the piece of thread I left in the needle randomly zigzaging through the picture and the needle sticking out of some doll's or teddy's random bodypart...
Guess cross stitch is in her blood! :)

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